Extreme Car Driving Simulator SOSOMOD MOD APK V6.88.3- Unlimited Money, VIP

Are you interested in trying out a sports car simulator? Then don’t miss out on Sosomod Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK. It is a modified version of the game that’s packed with features like unlimited money, super-fast cars, skins unlocked, disable traffic and unlocked VIP access. In this game, you can race non-stop with fancy high speedy cars.

You can choose from elegant or sporty styles and show off your driving skills. With SOSOMOD, you can download this racing game without worrying about safety issues.

Sosomod extreme car driving simulator apk
App Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK
Version v6.88.3
Size 140 MB
Android Updated 15 June 2024
Requirements Android 5.1+
Category Racing, Simulation
Price Free
Mod Info Menu VIP, Unlimited Money, all cars unlocked, car customization
Publisher AxesInMotion Racing

How To Download SOSOMOD Extreme Car Driving Simulator

What Is Extreme Car Driving Simulator SOSOMOD?

Extreme car driving simulator v6 88.3 mod apk unlimited

This game is great for anyone who likes cars and racing games. In this game, you can drive your favorite cars in a big city and customize it according to your preferences. It is a special version of the game where you get unlimited money to buy and upgrade cars without worrying about earning money in the game. The game looks real with its 3D pictures. It’s easy to play with gas and brake buttons. You can do missions or just drive around. It also offers different modes like free driving, timed races with checkpoints, and realistic traffic driving. You can choose how you want to play!

If you are more interested in car racing game then you can also download Sosomod off the road for free purchase.

Game Modes Of Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod APK VIP Unlocked

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Car Selection:

Extreme Car Driving Car selection

You can collect different cars in the game, but you can’t see their names – only what they look like. Additionally, you can personalize your cars by adjusting their color, skins, rims, and rim colors.

Car Technology:

Extreme Car Driving Skin unlocked

The game also has cool features like turning on lights and an observation mode where you can look around. Plus, there are advanced technologies in the cars like ABS and ESP, making them feel realistic to drive.

Multiple Control Options

You can choose from various control setups that suit your preference for driving style.

Multiple Camera Views

You can view your car from different angles — inside, outside, and other viewpoints — which helps in driving and controlling better.

Premium MOD FEATURES For Free Download

My Opinion About SosoMod Extreme Car Driving Simulator For Android

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a game where you can drive different cars around a big city. You can do lots of stuff like customizing your cars and completing missions to unlock new ones.

You can control the cars easily using the touch screen, just like in real life. The game shows how fast you’re going, which is helpful for missions.

There are famous car brands like Nissan and Audi in the game, and you can race them in the city or on tracks. If you like fast driving, you’ll have a blast trying to beat your own records.
Overall, if you’re into car games, I recommend giving Extreme Car Driving Simulator a try. You can download it from SOSOMOD and have a great time racing around!


Sosomod extreme car driving simulator Apk is a fun game for people who like driving and car racing games. You can pick cool cars and make them look how you want. I must say, it’s safe to download from SOSOMOD. It’s easy to play, with nice pictures that look real with this app. You can do missions or just drive around for fun.

So, if you want to participate in high-speed races and have a good time without any stress, this game is perfect for you.


Yes, you can play this car racing game for free on Android.

Unfortunately, this game is primarily designed for mobile devices and isn’t available for PC. However, you can download and install emulators to play this game.


To update a game or program without losing your progress, download the new MOD APK from the trusted website and install it over the old version. This way, you’ll keep your progress while updating to the new version.