Download Sosomod Among Us MOD Apk 2024.3.5 for Android

As an experienced gamer, I’ve found this fantastic game that you’re going to love. Among Us is an exciting multiplayer game that has captured the attention of gamers around the world. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Sosomod Among Us MOD APK so special and how you can enjoy playing it.

Sosomod Among Us Unlocked all skins & pet unlocked
Publisher Innersloth LLC
App Name Among Us
Version 2024.3.5
Update March 7, 2024
MOD Unlocked Skins, pets, Mega Mod Menu, No ads or ban, Always Imposter, Casual hats, Valid chats, fast speed
Category Action / Adventure
Languages Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, German, French, English, Italian, Japanese
Requirements Android 6.0 or later

How To Download & Install Sosomod Among Us For Free

Sosomod Among Us Mod APK [Unlocked]

It is a multiplayer game where players collaborate to finish tasks on a spaceship. However, some players are impostors whose aim is to disrupt tasks and remove others.

In this game, you can be either a crew member or an impostor. The game encourages teamwork, communication, and deduction as players work together or deceive others to achieve their goals. Plus, it supports cross-platform play across Android, PC and iOS.

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Crewmate and Impostor Roles

Crewmate and Impostor Roles
Crewmates vs Impostors
Category Crewmates Impostors
Goal Crewmates aim to finish tasks and catch Impostors. Impostors want to kill Crewmates and cause chaos without getting caught.
Tasks They have jobs like fixing wires or emptying garbage to do. Doing tasks helps them win. They sneak around and can secretly kill Crewmates.
Spotting Impostors Crewmates need to watch out for suspicious behavior. When they find a dead body, they can talk about it in an emergency meeting and vote to kick out who they think is the Impostor. Impostors pretend to do tasks and act normal to avoid getting caught. They can also move quickly using vents.
Teamwork Crewmates must work together to find and kick out the Impostors while doing their tasks. Impostors can mess with the ship, like causing emergencies or cutting off communication. This creates confusion and lets them blend in or isolate Crewmates for easy kills.
Deceptive Tactics - Impostors try to blame innocent Crewmates for their kills by tricking everyone else.

Sosomod Among Us Mod Features- Everything Unlocked

Easy on Devices

This game  is famous because it doesn’t need a lot of space on phones or computers, so lots of people can play it.

Different Ways to Play:

You can pick from regular games or Hide n Seek, giving you more ways to have fun with your friends.

Four Maps of Among Us:

There are four maps to check out – The Skeld, Polus, MIRA HQ, and the Airship – so you never get bored of the same old scenery.

Sabotage Mechanics

Impostors have the ability to sabotage the spaceship’s systems, causing chaos and creating opportunities for eliminating crewmates.

Voting System:

When something suspicious happens or someone finds a dead body or calls for help , you’ll chat with other players and vote to kick out impostors from the spaceship.

Social Deduction

It heavily relies on social deduction, requiring players to observe behavior, analyze patterns, and communicate effectively to determine the identities of the impostors.

Ghost Participation

Even after being eliminated, players can continue to participate as ghosts, completing tasks and helping their team from beyond the grave.

Customization Options:

Players can customize their characters with various skins, hats, and pets to personalize the game.

Cross-Platform Play:

It works across different devices, so everyone can play together smoothly.

My Personal Experience- Sosomod Among Us Review

After playing this game, I couldn’t wait to share my opinion with other gamers looking for an exciting adventure. 

When I play it with this special app, I feel like I’m on a spaceship with a bunch of friends.
A cool thing about Among Us is the secret roles and betrayal. Some of us are good guys, trying to fix the ship, while others are sneaky imposters trying to sabotage our efforts. You never know who’s pretending to be your friend and who’s secretly plotting against you. As a good guy, I have to do tasks like fixing wires and swiping cards to help the crew. 

With the Sosomod app, the game gets even more interesting. You can always be the imposter, unlock all skins and pets, and the moving speed is really fast( which is actually 2 times of the regular game). With so many colors to choose from for our characters, it’s always fun to mix things up and stand out from the crowd. Plus, there are no ads, no penalties for banning. I highly recommend this mystery murdered game to everyone, especially 18+.


In Sosomod Among Us Mod Apk, you play with friends on a space mission, but some are secretly trying to mess things up. You have to find them by working together. In the mod version, you can unlock skins and pets to make your character unique. It’s a special version that adds more fun to playing with friends in space!


Yes, it supports cross-platform play, so mobile players can join games hosted by PC players and vice versa.


You can play this game on different devices, including:

  • Android devices via Sosomod App.
  • iOS devices via the App Store.
  • PC through Blue stack or Steam.
  • Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo eShop.
  • Xbox and PlayStation consoles.
  • It’s also available on Mac and Linux through Steam.