Sosomod Anger Of Stick 5 Mod Apk V1.1.85 For Android

If you love action, adventure games, try Anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk. You play as a hero fighting zombies in a city. It’s easy to play, and every door you open has a surprise in this game. You have teammates and cool weapons to help you.

With Sosomod APK, you get free access to more games like this one. It means you will have Mod Menu, all levels unlocked, unlimited gold, ammo, diamonds, coins and gems, to help you crush the zombies even more. Read out to know more about Sosomod Anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk.

App Anger of Stick 5 Zombie Mod
Version 1.1.85
Size 60 MB
MOD Features Mod Menu, One hit, Unlimited coins, ammo, gems, free shopping, all levels unlocked and VIP status, more unlimited resources and money for players.
Compatible 4.4 and up
Developer Button E&M
Last Updated 26/03/2024
Category Action

How To Download & Install Sosomod Anger Of Stick 5 MOD APK For Android

You can play Sosomod Supreme Duelist Stickman as well.

What Is Sosomod Anger Of Stick 5 Apk? (Mod Menu, Unlimited Money)

It is a game where you play as a stickman hero fighting zombies and other enemies. As you go through the levels, the game gets harder, but you can make your stickman stronger by upgrading weapons and skills. You can also team up with other stickman heroes to fight together. The game has easy controls and cool graphics, making it fun for people who like action games.

Choose Your Weapons In Anger Of Stick 5


In the game, you have lots of weapons to pick from, like pistols, knives, swords, machine guns, rifles, sniper rifles, cannons, and even robots. Each weapon has different stats like damage, speed, ammo, and reload time, so it’s important to check those before you choose.

You can make your weapons better by upgrading them. To upgrade, you need to collect bonuses and gems. You can also make your stickman hero stronger by increasing their HP, which helps them survive better.

Your goal in each level is to destroy as much as you can to earn bonuses and upgrade your weapons. You can pick the best weapons for yourself, like AK47, M4A1, P90, Mp5, Gatling gun, shotgun, and pistols like p900, AGR-170, Glock 17, and more.

There’s also the option to learn martial arts to fight without a gun or when your gun breaks. As you progress, you’ll get better weapons and become more skilled at fighting the zombies and monsters you encounter.

Single Player:

This means you’re playing alone. You’ll be fighting to rescue characters who are being held captive. You can choose to fight like a boxer or use weapons. It’s not easy, as tough opponents with good health will challenge you.

Special Battle Modes:

Download Sosomod Anger of stick 5 MOD APK

This is a unique way to play a game where you’re in intense combat situations. It offers several special battle modes to add variety in this game.

If fighting action games aren’t your thing, consider trying Sosomod NBA 2K24 basketball game.

Four Special Modes:

There are four different ways you can play in this special battle mode.

Jump Jump Mode:

In this mode, you not only fight enemies but also have to keep jumping to stay alive. This mode focuses on hand-to-hand combat to rescue hostages and safely get them on a plane.

Defense Mode:

In this mode, players must defend against waves of enemies to protect a specific location or object. You have to choose one of three rooms and it tests your defensive skills.

Normal Mode:

It’s like a warm-up before things get more intense.

Zombie Mode:

In this mode, you become a zombie. Instead of fighting against zombies, you join their side and fight against survivors. It gives you a whole new view of the game, letting you experience the chaos from the perspective of the undead.

Many Maps To Explore:

Instead of having one fixed map, this game has lots of different places where battles happen. These places could be streets, deserts, jungles, and more. 

Game Design:

The game looks basic with its 2D style, stickman characters,  buildings, obstacles, and cool effects like gunfire and explosions that make the battles exciting. 

Upgraded Character System:

You can have up to six characters, only three of them get stronger in each battle. Or you can make your main character stronger by improving their health (HP) and power. 

You earn experience points (EXP) during battles, and when you have enough, your characters get stronger. You can choose which characters to make stronger or switch them around so they all get stronger evenly. This helps you have a balanced team with strong characters.

Sosomod Anger Of Stick 5 Apk Features


This game is now compatible with Android versions 13 and above.


Sosomod Anger of Stick 5 is a fun game with easy controls and exciting battles against zombies. It’s suitable for all ages and offers customizable options with the mod menu. Download it for free with Sosomod and enjoy all levels unlocked.


The game offers two main modes: Single mode and Zombie mode. In Single mode, players battle through various levels, while Zombie mode focuses on surviving against hordes of zombies.

Players control their stickman hero using left and right arrows for movement and action buttons for attacking or defending. Additional support from three teammates is also available.


You can upgrade weapons by earning bonuses and gems earned from defeating enemies. Upgrading improves stats such as damage, speed, and ammo capacity.

Yes, the game features various battlefields such as streets, deserts, and jungles.