Sosomod Animal Revolt Battle Simulator (Mod Menu) For Android

Looking for a fun game? Try Animal Revolt Battle Simulator! It’s a game where animals like lions, tigers, and even dinosaurs fight each other. You can pick your favorite animal and watch them battle in different places like forests and deserts. And what if you have a platform where you can access many other latest version games like Minecraft and GTA 5, all in one place for free, with the Sosomod app.

Sosomod Animal Revolt Battle Simulator
App Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod Menu
Version 3.9.0 for Android
Size 750 MB
MOD Features Unlimited money/Summon, Unlimited gold, experience gained increased 100x, Gold coins increased by 50,000; All unlocked creatures and underwater creatures, increase game speed
Compatible Android 5.1+ and up
Tag Single player, Tactics
Updated on Apr 01, 2024
Publisher VDimension
Category Simulation, Strategy

How To Download & Install Sosomod Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD APK For Android

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Sosomod Arbs Latest Version

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator (Mod Menu) For Android

It is a game where you control animals and make them fight against each other or other armies. 

In this game, you can choose from a variety of animals like dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, and even dinosaurs. You can customize your animals by attaching weapons to them, like guns and rocket launchers.

The battles take place in different locations like cities or farms. As the animals fight, you’ll see their limbs and bodies flying around in a realistic way.

There are many different types of creatures you can control, including dinosaurs, fantasy creatures, and even mythical monsters like dragons.

You can earn gold coins by completing missions, which you can use to upgrade your animals and unlock new features.

The game has simple controls and a user-friendly interface, so you can enjoy playing with friends even if you’re new to gaming.

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Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD Menu Features

Here are the MOD features of this game.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD menu

Huge Variety Of Creatures:

You can choose from a bunch of different animals and monsters to fight with, like dinosaurs, lions, skeletons, and more. There are even fantasy creatures like dragons and werewolves!

Weapons For Animal Revolt Battle

You can equip your creatures with weapons like guns, rockets, melee weapons. and crossbows to make them even more powerful in battle.

Animals Fight Battle Strategy

Sosomod Animal Revolt Battle Simulator For Android

You get to explore a world full of giant creatures battling it out to see who’s the strongest. You can even become one of these creatures and fight for dominance.

Monster Variety:

There are tons of different monsters to encounter, from ancient dinosaurs to modern-day lions and elephants. Each creature has its own strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll need to figure out the best way to use them in battle.

Monster Arena Battles:

Monsters compete in arenas to show off their strength. You can either watch or join battles between monsters to see who’s the strongest.

Control Monsters:

In this game, you get to be in charge of big, powerful monsters. You control them and make them fight against other monsters. You need to learn how to use them well to win battles against other monsters.

Monster Upgrades:

You can upgrade your monsters to make them even stronger. You’ll unlock devastating attacks and become unbeatable in the arena.

Conquer Animal Revolt Battle Challenges

In this game, you’ll face challenges in monster arenas, inside and out. Help your monster warrior become the strongest by overcoming these obstacles. With each level, face tougher enemies and earn rewards in this mod game to show you’re the best monster fighter.


Sosomod Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod Apk lets you have exciting animal fights with realistic physics-based battles, cool graphics, lots of creatures, and many weapons. You get unlimited gems, gold, and coins, plus daily tasks for fun. So, if you are interested in action or battle challenges then it’s a recommended game for you!


The mod menu provides features like unlimited calls, increased experience points, extra gold coins, the ability for all creatures to be used, speeding up the game, and more.

You can access the mod menu within the game interface, usually through a designated button or menu option.

Challenges include participating in battles against other creatures, overcoming obstacles in the arena, and strategizing to win against increasingly powerful opponents.