Sosomod Battle Cats Mod Apk V13.3.1- Unlimited Money/Cat Food

Do you want to play Battle Cats? It’s all about cute cats fighting to protect their base from enemies. And with Sosomod Battle Cats, it gets even more fun to play with friends. You get unlimited cat food, money, XP, everything, so you can make your cat army super strong.

MOD Info Max Level, Mod Menu, Unlimited Money, XP, Cat food
Update Version v13.3.1 for Android
Requirements Android 5.0+
Category Strategy
Developer PONOS Corporation

How To Download & Install Sosomod Battle Cats-All Cats Unlocked

Sosomod Battle Cats VIP Mod Menu

It is an engaging game where you control an army of cute cats to defend your base and defeat enemies. You’re in charge of an army of adorable cats with a mission to conquer the world. You get money to buy more cats or upgrade your base. You can unlock new cats as you play. 

In this version, you can pick lots of different cats to build your ultimate team. Then, you can fight with your enemies to defend your castle and take over new places. 

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Sosomod Battle Cats Mod FEATURES For Android


Variety Of Cats

Your army isn’t just made up of one type of cat. You can get your best cat fighters, like giant cats, princess cats or bomb cats, witch cats, and battle across different places.  So, you can strategize and pick the best cats for each battle. 

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Money/Cat Food

With the Sosomod battle cats MOD APK version, you get unlimited resources like cat food,money and tickets to make your army stronger by defeating your enemy.

Cat Cannon

This is your ultimate weapon. It’s super powerful but takes time to charge up. You can upgrade it to participate more effectively in battle.

Cat Study

Here is extra training for your cats. It helps them earn more experience points after each battle, which makes them even stronger over time.

Time Lapse

You can use a trick called time-lapse to speed things up in the game  to earn energy quickly. 

One-Player Levels

There are plenty of levels to play on your own, where you can earn rewards and achievements. It’s a great way to practice and improve your skills.

Level Up Cats

As you keep playing, your cats get better at fighting. They earn points called XP, which helps them level up. When they reach level 10, they transform into even stronger cats.

Unlocking Cats:

You will have a chance to unlock new cats with different abilities as you go further in the game.

Upgrade Cents Generator:

In battles, the main way you earn money is through the cents generator. When you upgrade it, you make money more quickly. 


Sosomod Battle Cats is an engaging strategy game where you get to command an army of cute cats on a mission to save the world.


It is about cats trying to take over the world. While it has some weird characters, you can easily avoid them, and kids probably won’t even notice. 

Yes, you can download the Battle Cats MOD APK for free and enjoy unlimited resources to strengthen your cat army and conquer the world.