Download Sosomod Block City Wars V8.4.2 For Android

If you like GTA and Minecraft, you might love Block City Wars. It’s like GTA but with blocky graphics like Minecraft. You explore a big city, do jobs, and play Battle Royale. With the Sosomod block city wars Mod Menu APK, you get unlimited money, gold, ammo, gems  and skins. Are you ready to rule the city?

MOD Info High Damage, MENU MOD, Unlimited Ammo, Money, High jump
Update Version v8.4.2 for Android
Requirements Android 5.1+
Category Simulation, Arcade
Developer D-Games Apps

How To Download & Install Sosomod Block City Wars

Sosomod Block City Wars Pixel Shooter Mod Apk

Block City Wars is like a game of cops and robbers but in a big city made of blocks. You can drive cars, fly helicopters, and even use a jetpack to zoom around. You can use different weapons.

Your job is to defeat 35 enemy groups hidden around the city. You play as machines, not people, and you need to beat all the bad guys. It’s a bit like GTA mixed with Minecraft, where you can do lots of fun things like shooting, racing, and fighting zombies. 

Sosomod Block City Wars Mod Features- Everything Unlocked

Block City Wars Pixel Shooter-Unlimited Money, Ammo

Block City War Game Modes:

The game offers 13 diverse modes, including Free Street Race, Tank Battles, PvP Fight, Infection Zombie and Team Deathmatch. Each mode presents unique challenges, from combat to racing and survival against the undead.

Weapons System:

With over 100 weapon units, including AK47s, Sniper Rifles, RPGs,  grenades, and even melee weapons like the Katana, you’ll always have the right firepower for any situation.


You can choose from over 50 means of transport, including sports cars, motorcycles, jetpacks, military helicopters, and tanks. 


Pixel Shooter has a bunch of fun ways and different modes to play with friends! No matter what you like, there’s a mode for you!

Reward System:

When you finish missions, you get bonuses and points to climb up the ranks. But beware, as you advance, the game gets tougher. You’ll go up against tough opponents like mafia bosses, skilled racers, and even the cops, so survival becomes difficult.

Skins And Graphics

You can change how your character looks with different skins, and the game has cool pixelated graphics that make everything feel more real.


There are lots of things you can unlock in the game, like weapons, cars, different looks for your character, and even armor to keep you safe.

Blocky Pixel Style:

Unlike games like GTA, Block City Wars looks like it’s made out of blocks, similar to Minecraft. Everything has a square, pixelated look to it, which gives the game a unique feel. Plus, the graphics are detailed and smooth, making it easy to play in this sandbox world.


Sosomod Block City Wars: Pixel Shooter is an incredible game where you can enjoy unlimited ammo, money, high jump, and high damage without any annoying ads. You can have intense fights, exciting races, or even fight off zombies. You can play with friends or by yourself, and there’s always something new to do in the big city. Just grab your weapons, jump into your favorite car, and start playing in the blocky world of Block City Wars!


It is a game where you control a character who navigates through a city filled with machines and enemies.

There are over 50 means of transport available in the game, including sports cars, motorcycles, jetpacks, military helicopters, and tanks.


The game offers over 100 weapon units, ranging from AK47, MINIGUN, Sniper Rifle, RPG, to Katana.