Sosomod Brutal Strike Mod Apk v1.3616 Free For Android Download

Do you know Counter-Strike? Well, imagine it with even more action – that’s Brutal Strike! It’s like Counter-Strike, but it’s way bloodier and more violent. And, what if I tell you about the Sosomod Brutal Strike. It offers Unlimited Ammo without needing to reload, no recoil when shooting, and you can cause lots of damage. You can use any type of bullet, jump around and shoot, and the game is much faster than the original. 

So, if you’re the one ready for some serious action, go ahead and download Sosomod Brutal Strike Mod Apk now.

Sosomod Brutal Strike Mod Apk For Android
App Brutal Strike
Version v1.3616
Publisher Brutal Strike
Requirements Android 5.1+
Category Action
Price Free
Mod Info Unlimited Ammo, Money, Gems, No Reload, Zero Recoil, High Damage, Generous Cash Rewards, Any Bullet Type, Bouncing Abilities, Triple Game Speed, Free Shopping

How To Download SOSOMOD Brutal Strike Mod Apk-Latest Version

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What is Sosomod Brutal strike For Android

download Brutal Strike-unlimited ammo, money

Brutal Strike is a super fun shooting game for Android. It looks great, plays smoothly, and has lots of different modes to try.

In this game, you can control your character easily. You can use your thumbs to move and aim, and press buttons to shoot.  And if you don’t like how things are set up, you can change it to fit your style.

You’ve got 5 different modes to play in, like team battles, and fighting zombies.

You have to beat the other team. Before each round, you can buy new guns, grenades, and armor with the money you earned from the last round.

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Game Modes- Unlocked Weapons

Team Deathmatch:

In this mode, players are divided into teams and you can work with your friends to defeat the other team. You can feel like playing tag, but with guns!

Free for All

Its every person for themselves. You just have to survive and take out as many opponents as you can.

Defuse the Bomb:

One team tries to blow up a place, and the other team tries to stop them.

Online PvP Battle Mode

It is when you play against other real people from different places. You can have teams of up to five players against five players.


You can play online without using up too much of your internet data. Learn more!

Special MOD FEATURES For Free (Unlimited Money, Ammo And Gems)


Brutal Strike isn’t your usual game. It’s all about fast action and intense combat in every match. If you enjoy shooting games, you’ll love this one. However, keep in mind that Sosomod Brutal Strike MOd apk is quite intense with its graphic violence, so it may not be suitable for everyone. But if you’re ready for the challenge, give it a try by just downloading the special Sosomod app.


Yes, it offers single-player missions for offline play. These missions serve as training for online multiplayer.

Players can equip with different weapons, grenades, and bulletproof jackets.

You can play it on different devices including iOS and Android phones.