Download Sosomod Car Simulator 2 V1.50.35 Mod Menu

Ever wanted to drive fancy cars? Car Simulator 2 lets you do just that! It is a fun driving game where you get to drive luxury cars and explore a big 3D world. There are over 90 different cars to pick from and lots of missions to do, so you’ll always find something new to try. And with the Sosomod APK, you can unlock special features like extra cars and levels for free. 

But wait, there’s more! It also has a vip siren for modern car, realistic sounds, crazy speed, and a 360-degree car’s interior, so it feels like you’re really driving. You can explore different parts of the city, hang out with friends, and even customize your car to make it unique. With easy controls and great graphics, this game is fun for everyone. So, download the Car Simulator 2 game with Sosomod APK today and start your best car driving adventure!

Sosomod Car-Simulator-2-for-android game
App Sosomod car Simualtor 2
Mod Info Menu VIP, great amount of gasoline, Unlimited Money and Gold, all cars unlocked, Use all garages stuff, Unlock all buttons, Free real-money purchases.
Version v1.50.35 (Faster than previous version)
Size 462 MB
Category Racing, Simulation
Compatible Android 6.0 or higher
Last Updated Apr 30, 2024
Publisher Oppana Games
Price Free

How To Download And Install Sosomod CAR SIMULATOR 2 Mod APK For Android?

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What Is Car Simulator 2 MOD APK- All Mission Complete


SOSOMOD APK Car Simulator 2 is an ultimate car driving game made by Oppana Games. It’s not the regular version, it’s modded, meaning it has some extra features. In this game, you can drive various cars and trucks, and it even lets you switch between different views while driving. In this game, I get to drive cool racing cars, explore different places, and have a lot of fun!

The graphics are in 3D, making it enjoyable for people who love cars. You get to explore different places with your car, and there’s no restriction on where you can go. Every time the game gets updated, they add new stuff like cars, maps, and challenges, keeping it fresh and exciting.

When you play, you’ll have missions to complete, races to win, and levels to unlock. As you progress, you earn currency to buy more cars. But remember, your cars can get damaged, run out of gas, or get flat tires, so you have to take care of them.

Besides getting new cars, you also need a big garage to park them. You can upgrade your garage to fit more cars. Once you’re in the car, the controls switch to driving mode, where you use arrow keys, accelerator, and brake pedals. It’s pretty realistic, with features like hazard lights, turn signals, and even a handbrake. You can see your speed and how much fuel you have left, making it feel like real driving. 

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How To Play The Car Simulator 2 Game?

You get to race cars and customize them. It’s all about buying new cars, making your current ones better, and joining competitions.

Car Collection


In Mod Car Simulator 2, you can collect lots of cars using the money you earn in the game. There’s a wide range of cars to choose from, big and small. The mod version even lets you get paid cars for free.

Collecting cars is fun, especially if you love racing. You can get multiple supercars for your garage using bonus points. 

One cool thing is that you can see the luxurious car interiors from all angles as shown in the picture below.


Game Modes

When you are playing this game, you can have primary game modes: single-player and online. In the single-player mode, you have the freedom to explore the expansive city and complete missions independently.

On the other hand, you can interact with friends or other gamers around the world in online mode. Within this mode, you can participate in races, customize your vehicles, and compete to establish yourself as top drivers within the game community.

Earning Money In Car Simulator 2

Unlimited Money & Gold in racing mode

Players can make money by finishing different tasks in the game. These tasks include activities like purchasing new cars, refueling your vehicle at gas stations, or customizing your car in the garage. Each of these actions requires spending money, such as paying for fuel at the gas station. However, players can also come across large gold coins while driving, which provide additional income when collected.

Taking Care Of Your Car:

Just like real life, your car needs looking after. Make sure to change the oil, check the tires, clean the air filters, inspect the brakes, and keep an eye on the battery. This helps your car run smoothly and avoids problems during races.

Driving Safely:

Don’t speed! Driving too fast in the city can lead to accidents. Police cars are around, and if they catch you speeding, they’ll give you a ticket that takes away your gold. Follow the speed limits and obey the rules to stay out of trouble.

Knowing The Rules For Car Games:

Before you start racing in a car, there’s a chart that shows you the traffic rules. This includes stopping at red lights, avoiding collisions with other vehicles, and driving within the speed limits. Stick to them to drive safely and avoid getting fined.

Additionally, players can improve their driving abilities by maintaining awareness of the road ahead, effectively managing challenging situations, and utilizing the mini-map to navigate the city.

Special MOD FEATURES For Free Download

1. All Cars Unlocked

In car driving simulator 2 mod apk, missions are like challenges you need to complete. As you finish them, you earn rewards, including unlocking new cars. There are lots of different types of vehicles for you to choose from. So, you’re not stuck with just one car!

2. Gas Station Simulator Free Download Apk

The game has neat stuff like gas stations and workshops. You can take your car to the gas station if it is out of gas. And if it gets damaged, no worries! Just take it to the workshop for repairs. 

3. Unlimited Currency For Upgrades

With the Mod version of Car Simulator 2, you get unlimited money. That means you can upgrade your cars, home, and garage as much as you want. You can also unlock new places to race and explore without having to spend any real money. 

4. Loads Of Gasoline:

Never run out of fuel again! You’ll have plenty of gasoline to keep your car running smoothly throughout the game.

5. No Annoying Ads:

You won’t have to deal with annoying ads that pop up while you’re playing.

6. Faster Game

The game runs three times faster than before, so you can zip around the city and complete missions in no time. 


In summary, SOSOMOD APK for Car Simulator 2 is a great game for people who love cars. It lets you customize your car and drive in a realistic way. It’s fun and exciting, making it a top pick for mobile driving games. So, if you enjoy driving, I highly recommend giving this car game a try.


Yes, players can also interact with various other types of vehicles other than car within the game. While the primary focus is on driving cars, players may play with trucks, buses, and other vehicles on the road.


Players must obey road rules, traffic rules, stop at red lights, avoid collisions, and maintain safe driving practices to avoid fines from police officers.


The game offers both single-player and online racing modes, allowing players to explore the city solo or compete with other online players in races and challenges.