Download Sosomod Crawl Brawl Mod Apk Girl For Android

Do you want to experience college life like never before? Sosomod College Brawl is a super fun game where you’re in a college setting, fighting against other students. Inside the university, there’s no ordinary day. If you’re curious about this game, just grab your phone and you just need to download Sosomod game name college brawl latest version for android to play now!

Sosomod Crawl Brawl College Girl Fighting Mod Game
App Name College brawl apk
Uploaded by LAGS
Requires Android Android 4.4+
Category Free Casual Action Game
Mod info 18+, College brawl girl burning revenge mod

How To Download & Install Sosomod College brawl Mod Apk For Android

Sosomod College Brawl Girl Character Mod Apk For Android (Girl Fights)

Sosomod College Brawl Mod apk is a game where you control a character on a college campus, fighting against other students, especially the Red Kat Gang. The campus has different places to fight in, like classrooms, libraries and dorms. You can play different modes in this game like a story mode where you follow a plot or a survival mode where you fight waves of enemies. There are five levels with five final bosses to beat.

In the game, you fight against different girls trying to hurt you until your health runs out. But you can restore your health by defeating enemies.

It has cute anime-like graphics and simple controls. Plus, Love college brawl hint is a related game where you can get tips and tricks to play better.

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Sosomod College Brawl Girl Mod Features (College Fighting Latest Version 2024)

Girl Character and Story

 You play as Ken, a student trying to save your friends from danger on the college campus. The game has a story mode where you follow Ken’s journey through battles and challenges.

Combat Abilities and Weapons

At first, Ken only has basic fighting skills, but as you play, you’ll find items and other weapons that make him stronger.

You can also play with different weapons in Sosomod Heroes Strike Offline.

Health Management:

Ken’s health is shown as a bar that decreases when he gets hurt. If it runs out, the game ends. You need to keep an eye on it and use items wisely to stay alive during battles.

Boss Battles

The game has tough boss fights, starting from smaller challenges and ending with a big showdown against the leader of the Red Kat gang.

New Character Anko

In the latest version, a new character named Anko joins Ken. She’s a strong female fighter and helps Ken on his mission to rescue their friends.

Item Collection

After battles, you collect items like Sushi, Chicken, and Tofu, which boost Ken’s stamina and health. 

Different Modes and Levels

There are various modes to play, like story mode and survival mode, and the game has five levels with five final bosses to defeat.

Accessible Controls

The game features easy-to-use on-screen controls, making it simple to move Ken, jump, and perform different attacks, similar to old handheld games.


Sosomod College Brawl is an action 18+ Mod game where you fight through challenges on a college campus, using strategy and skill to save your friends and defeat the Red Kat gang.


You can play this game on Sosomod app.

Yes, you can easily play it offline.

Yes, you can play it on your Android phone or on your PC computer using an Android emulator.