Download Sosomod Endless Nightmare Mod Apk For Android

If you love scary stories and detective games, then Endless Nightmare is perfect for you. It’s full of suspense and scares that will make your heart race. But be careful, because it’s a horror game. Here, you’ll find out everything about Sosomod Endless Nightmare Mod Apk versions 1 through 6. With this app, you can play any version you want, complete with unlimited money, gems, ammo, unlocked features, free shopping, and more.

Sosomod Endless Nightmare 6 Mod Apk For Android​
Name Endless Nightmare
Publisher 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
Category Action, horror, strategy
MOD Features Unlocked Everything, Unlimted Ammo, Money & Free Shopping
Support Android 5.0
Updated May 6, 2024

How to Download & Install Sosomod Endless Nightmare Game- Unlocked Everything

Endless Nightmare Horror 6 Mod Apk (Android Game)

This new version of the game takes you on a scary adventure to a place called “Priest 1.” Your dad’s expedition went missing there, and you’re part of a rescue team to find out what happened. You play as a priest, and your mission is to find a stolen locket while dealing with creepy enemies. There are puzzles to solve, items to collect, and traps to avoid. Plus, there’s a new enemy called the “Pipe Head” to escape from. It is developed by Raycast Studio.

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Sosomod Endless Nightmare Horror 5 Mod Apk-Curse

Sosomod Endless Nightmare 5 Mod Apk-Curse

In the Endless Nightmare 5: Curse game, you play as a monk in Eventide Village searching for your sister. You’ll face ghosts and solve puzzles. There are new features like using swords and spells, and crafting items. 

Sosomod Endless Nightmare Horror 4 Mod Apk- Prison

Sosomod Endless Nightmare 4 Mod Apk- Prison

In this prison game, you’re trapped in a scary prison full of ghosts. But it’s not just any prison—it’s filled with evil monsters instead of regular people.

In this 3D horror game for mobile, you’ll explore the prison, solve puzzles, collect clues, and items to help you escape. You’ll need to use your weapons (New feature) like hammers, pistols, shotguns, and rifles and shooting skills to fight them off and stay alive or you can use them to defend yourself.

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Sosomod Endless Nightmare 3: Shrine For Android

Sosomod Endless Nightmare 3 Shrine

In this version 3, you play as Carlos Gonzalez, who’s on a mission to find an ancient artifact called “the heart of the pharaoh” in Egypt. But he’s not alone – a bad group called “Black Python” wants it too! The game is like looking through Carlos’ eyes, and you have to shoot scary things and bad guys. You explore dark places, find things to make your game better, and fight monsters and terrorists.

Sosomod Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital - Mod Money

Sosomod Endless Nightmare 2 Mod apk-Hospital

In endless nightmare weird hospital mod apk, you play as Jake. He wakes up in a scary hospital and wants to find out why people are disappearing in Oak Town. The hospital is full of scary things, like evil eyes watching Jake. As Jake looks around, he finds strange things and secrets in the hospital. Jake has weapons to fight against the bad things in the hospital and bring justice.

Sosomod Endless Nightmare 1: Home Mod Apk

Sosomod Endless Nightmare 1 Home Mod Apk

In version 1, you play as James, a police officer whose family (wife, daughter) was killed. As you explore the haunted house, you’ll see really scary things, search for clues, hide from his ghost daughter Aimee, and run away.


Sosomod Endless Nightmare is a great horror game series with six parts, all available for download with premium features on the special Sosomod app. It’s perfect for horror fans! Each part has updated features like weapons and puzzles. So, if you’re brave enough, try to survive and solve the mystery by downloading this game!


Yes, you have the option to save your progress. You can do this by going to the pause menu within the game and selecting save game. Your progress also saves automatically when you enter a new level or area.

You can use your weapons and magic smartly like those rubber gloves to beat tough bosses.

Yes you can play this game offline without the internet.

You can manage your resources like flashlights, electricity, and water carefully. You should be careful around monsters and know when to run or hide.

No, it’s not suitable for kids under 16 because it’s scary, has violence, and shows disturbing scenes.