Download Sosomod Feed and Grow: Fish Mod Apk v2.0.9

Do you want to explore the ocean? Well, get ready, because with Sosomod Feed And Grow Fish mod apk, you can do just that. It’s your own underwater journey. You start small and eat other fish to grow bigger. You can play as one fish without needing to unlock other fishes. It’s all about survival and getting stronger. 

Sosomod Feed And Grow fish survivors & evolution mod apk
MOD Info Play the game without needing to unlock other fish
Category Casual
Publisher Hi Games Studio
Requirements Android 5.0+
Publish Date Aug 28, 2023

How To Download & Install Sosomod Feed and Grow: Fish Mod Apk

Sosomod Feed And Fish Survivors Mod Apk For Android Latest Version

In this game where you’re underwater as a fish. You can be all sorts of fish, like piranhas, killer whales, or sharks. Here, you play as Bibos in the ocean, tracking and eating fish to get bigger. You survive by eating other big fishes while trying to avoid becoming someone else’s lunch. As you gobble up more fish, you grow and become stronger, which gives you a chance to take on even bigger.

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Sosomod Fish Grow and Evolution Mod APK (Unlimited Money And Gems)

Sosomod Feed And Grow fish for android

 It is a popular game for the following reason.

Play as Different Fish:

 You can choose to be various fish species like piranhas, sharks, and whales, each with its own abilities.

New Fish Species:

In updates, new types of fish are added for you to play. They look great and attractive.

Visuals For Feed And Grow Fish Game

The game now looks better with amazing effects like motion blur, vignette, and chromatic aberration which makes you feel like you are in the deep ocean.

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When you start playing as a new fish, the game doesn’t zoom in too much anymore, which makes it easier to see what’s going on.

Easy Controls

You can control your fish easily, with simple moves like swimming, biting, and sprinting. 

Different Environments:

There are different areas to explore, like the deep ocean or coral reefs, each with its own challenges. 


You can now play with others online, testing your skills against other players.


 If you need help playing, there’s a guide to assist you in becoming an expert. It covers everything from basic controls to cheats.

Bug Fixes

Developers have fixed issues like problems with swallowing things properly.


Sosomod Feed and Grow Fish is a game where you play as a fish in the ocean with unlimited money and gems for free online. The game has pretty underwater places to explore and use simple controls to swim and eat. It’s all about survival and becoming the largest fish in the sea!


Yes, it has multiplayer and single mode features where you can play with others online or alone.

If you don’t eat, your fish won’t grow, and you might become prey for larger fish.

In the past, there was a mobile version for Android, but it’s not clear if it’s available now.