Download Sosomod Garry’s Mod Apk For Android Free- Latest Version

If you like being creative, you can make your own characters, paint things, or create strange creatures. It’s all possible with Garry’s Mod Apk. It is not like other games. Instead of giving you specific missions, it lets you make your own creativity throughout the game in the virtual world. You’re free to experiment with props, characters, and there’s always something new to create for everyone.  And guess what? You can download SosoMod Garry’s Mod for free from our website. 

MOD Info No verification, No ads
Update Version v1.0 for Android
Size 53 MB
Category Simulation, Action
Requirements Android 5.0+
Developer Garry’s studio LTD

How To Download & Install Sosomod Garry’s Mod For Android

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Sosomod Garry’s Mod- Gmod APK For Android

Sosomod Gmod is a special game where you can build whatever you want and play with it. You can build from big buildings, towering skyscrapers to crazy machines, and even strange creatures.


You can spawn objects like toys, characters, or even monsters like above picture. Then you can pick them up, move them around, or even make them do funny poses.


There’s also a tool gun that lets you do all sorts of things like connecting objects together, making them move, or even flying around.

You can try different game modes like “Trouble in Terrorist Town,” where you figure out who’s the bad guy, or “Prop Hunt,” where you hide as objects while others try to find you.

Game Modes In Garry’s Mod Mobile

Prop Hunt

You can take on the challenge of hiding as an object in the environment (Props), while others (Hunters) search to find and eliminate you.

Trouble In Terrorist Town

You can play as either a Traitor, trying to take out everyone, or as an Innocent or Detective, aiming to survive and unmask the traitors.

Dogfight Arcade

You can control your plane and engage in dogfights to take down enemy aircraft while dodging their attacks.

Sosomod Garry’s Mod Game Features


SOSOMOD Garry’s Mod APK is like a digital playground where you can build, play, and enjoy with unlimited features to enjoy boundless creativity. With no restrictions, it’s perfect for those who love to explore and experiment in the game world.


You can play this game on Android phones or tablets but it is recommended for computers like PCs including Windows, mac. And you’ll need a computer with decent processing power and graphics capabilities to run it smoothly.

Yes, you can play Garry’s Mod offline, but some features like multiplayer and accessing mods require an internet connection.