Sosomod GoreBox MOD APK V15.5.0 For Android Download

If you’re into fighting games with a lot of action, GoreBox – Animosity is definitely for you. It is a game where you can create chaos and have fun in a world full of violence. With its special weapon, the Reality Crusher, you can shape your own crazy world. With Sosomod GoreBox Mod apk, you can expect an upgraded mod feature for free. It’s easy to download and install the mod version with it, so start playing and enjoy the madness of GoreBox – Animosity for Android!

Sosomod GoreBox MOD APK
App GoreBox
Version v15.5.0
Size 544.2MB
MOD Features MOD Menu, Gun mods, Infinite energy, No Ads, Multiplayer, & Bloody Weapons mods skin
Compatible Android 5.1+ and up
Publisher F²Games
Last Updated Apr 03, 2024
Category Shooting, Action, Simulation

How To Download & Install Sosomod Gorebox Gun Mods Apk For Android- MOD Menu

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What Is Gorebox Sosomod Latest Version- Unlocked Everything


It is a sandbox game where you can have a lot of fun fighting. It’s all about crazy fights and lots of gore, hence the name. You get to use a weapon called the Reality Crusher to build, break, and change the world around you.

This game is the final version of the GoreBox series, combining all the features from the original and the remastered versions. 

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Mod Info:

With Sosomod, you can play Mod games in which you have extra levels or unlocked features made by players. These mods let you do even more crazy things in the game, like using different weapons, multiplayer beta, animosity addons, Mod Menu, Speedy game, Freeze NextBots, Invincibility, Infinite energy or stamina, Infinite Ammo and bullets, No Reload, Bypass Anti Cheat and or exploring new worlds.

Gorebox Sosomod Mod Apk Features

Check out the unlocked mod features of this fighting game which are as follows;


Variety Of Weapons

You get lots of weapons to fight with, and you can even create your own. 

Collection Of Maps:

You make your own maps and activities in this game.

No Ads

You won’t be bothered by annoying ads while playing.

Create Things

You can use the sandbox tools to create objects, build stuff, and design weapons. So, you can control and build anything you like.

Wreck Havoc

Not only can you create, but you can also destroy things.

Face Scary Foes:

Battle against terrifying enemies and blow them to bits! Upgrade yourself to survive their attacks.


So, if you like games where you can go wild with weapons, blow stuff up, and just have a blast, Sosomod GoreBox Mod Apk is the game you should check out!


Yes, absolutely! It allows you to create, customize, and arrange your own maps and scenarios. You’re in control of everything, from the environment to the enemies you face.

In GoreBox, you play as a professional gunner whose main role is to engage in explosive battles created by yourself. You’ll face off against enemies and traps of your own design, making every encounter unique and unpredictable.


GoreBox is priced differently based on your region. In the US, it’s priced at $7.99. In Russia, it’s 320 ₽ (approximately $3.45). In South Africa, it’s R 82.00 (approximately $4.28). In LATAM, it’s $4.49.


You can play this game on various devices. It is available on Android, so you can easily enjoy it on your Android smartphone or tablet. If you prefer playing on a larger screen like your PC or Mac, you can use the BlueStacks app player.