Sosomod Granny MOD APK v1.8.1 For Android

SoSoMod Granny is a scary game where you’re trapped in a house with a grandma. You have to be very quiet because she can hear everything! You’ve got 5 days to escape, but it’s tough. With the special SoSoMod app, you get extra powers to help you, like being invincible, unlimited health, ammo and no annoying ads. So, can you outsmart Granny and make it out alive? It’s time to find out!

Sosomod Granny Mod Menu (Unlimited Health)
App Name Granny
Latest Version v1.8.1
Last Updated 25 August 2023
Publisher DVloper
Requirements Android 4.4+
Category Horror, Arcade

How To Download & Install Sosomod Granny Mod Apk

Sosomod Granny Mod Apk -Mod Menu, Invincible

Granny Mod Apk- Invincible horror game

Sosomod Granny MOD Menu is a video game where you find yourself trapped in a house with a dangerous old lady named Granny. Your goal is to survive for five days by hiding and being cautious. The house is filled with things that can make noise, alerting Granny to your presence. You must move quietly and avoid dropping anything to avoid being caught by Granny. You can hide in various places like closets and under beds to stay safe. You can play this game on PC as well as on iOS.

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Sosomod Granny Mod Features Outwit- Unlimited Everything

This is a popular horror game for the following reason.

Hide in Closets or Under Beds

To avoid Grandma’s detection, you can hide in various places around the house. These include closets, where you can squeeze in and stay out of sight, and under beds, where you can crouch down and hope she doesn’t find you. These hiding spots are important for your survival in the game.

You Have 5 Days To Escape

You’re not stuck in Grandma’s house forever. You have a limited time to escape – specifically, five days. Within these five days, you need to figure out how to get out of the house without getting caught by Grandma. You’ll need to stay calm, think quickly, and use your surroundings to outsmart her.

Horror Elements

The game is designed to give you a real scare. It’s not for the faint-hearted, as you’ll be facing some of the darkest and most terrifying moments in gaming.

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Scary Granny's Abilities

Granny is not an ordinary old lady. She has supernatural abilities and a strong desire to kill anyone who crosses her path. Despite being blind and unable to see, she compensates with incredibly sharp hearing. She can detect even the slightest noise, making it challenging for you to stay hidden.

Tips for Success Sosomod granny latest version For Android:


Play SoSoMod Granny to escape from her house. Stay quiet, hide, and survive using special powers like invincibility, unlimited ammo & health. With SoSoMod, you’ll have an easier time getting through the game without annoying ads.


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It supports different languages like Viet Nam (Vietnamese), isiZulu, 中文 (Chinese), and more.