Download Sosomod Grow Empire Rome V1.39.1 MOD Menu Free

Are you interested in an action game in which you play with strategic planning and a sharp mind? Then Grow Empire: Rome is the game for you to try. It is a fun game where you play as Caesar, the leader of ancient Rome. Developed by Game Station, it’s a mix of strategy, defense, and role-playing. You lead your army to conquer cities and defend against enemies like Carthaginians and barbarians. With over 10 million downloads, it’s popular for its different game modes. You can download Sosomod Grow Empire Rome on Android, complete with unlimited money and coins, to feel the excitement of leading Rome!

App Grow Empire
Version v1.39.1
Size 85 MB
MOD Features MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Coins, Gems, Diamonds, Max level, Free shopping
Compatible Android 4.4+
Publisher Games Station Studio
Category Strategy

How To Download & Install Sosomod Grow Empire Rome

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What Is Sosomod Grow Empire Rome Mod Apk? (Unlimited Money For Android)


It is a game where you get to be a leader, kind of like Caesar, and build up your own empire. You’ll lead your army to conquer other cities and defend your land from enemies like Carthaginians and barbarians.

The game starts with a big battle scene, and you’re in charge of Caesar’s army. You’ll have different types of soldiers with special skills, and you need to use them wisely in battles.

To make your empire stronger, you need money, and you earn it by winning battles. The more perfect your wins, the more money you get. 

As you play, you’ll face tougher challenges, so you need to be smart with your tactics.

You can also upgrade your soldier, archers, and other elements to make them more powerful.

The battle areas are shown on a map, and your goal is to expand your territory by defeating enemies and breaking their city gates.

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Grow Empire: Rome Strong Army

Here are the basic terms used in this battle arcade game:


These are your best soldiers. They’re reliable and versatile, good at both offense and defense. 


These guys are great at defense, especially against cavalry. They’re like the shield of your army, important for protecting your troops.


These are the fast and deadly fighters in your army. They can charge through enemy lines, attack from behind, and cause serious damage. They’re especially useful against archers because of their speed.


Archers are your main defense force. They stand on walls during battles and are super important. Plus, they’re extra effective against spearmen.

Grow Empire: Rome MOD Features


Campaign Mode

This is where all the main action happens. You create an account, choose a username, and then go on thousands of missions to conquer Europe and defend your empire.

Battleground Mode:

Here, you face waves of enemies and have to defeat them with your army. You’ll need to make your troops and bases stronger to survive.

Building Empire

You build and improve different structures in your empire like troop bases, weapon facilities, and hospitals. These are important for making your empire strong and ready for battle.

Defense Strategy:

You need to strengthen your walls, towers, and other defenses to protect your empire effectively.

Conquering Cities

Your aim is to take over more than 120 cities in ancient Europe and you have to handle obstacles and hurdles of every city to win.

Army Management:

You command different types of soldiers like archers, cavalry, and assassins, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Heroes And Commanders:

Heroes and commanders are the most important helpers in battles. As you train them, they become even more valuable.

Exploring Colonies:

You’ll come across colonies with stronger defenses. By invading and upgrading them, you can make more money and expand your territory.

Free Shop

In the game’s shop, you can buy things like crystals for card packs and commanders. 


Overall, In this game, you lead your army to defeat enemies and protect your people. It is all about strategy, building, and battling to become the biggest and strongest empire around. With SosoMod Grow Empire Rome, you can download the game for free and enjoy unlimited coins, diamonds and gold. It’s easy to play and safe for kids aged ten and up.


In Grow Empire: Rome, heroes are special units that give you bonuses. The maximum level a hero can reach is 150.

It is compatible with most Android, PC Or MAC and iOS devices.

Yes, It offers various game modes, including a campaign mode where you conquer territories, and an online competition mode where you can challenge players from around the world.


Yes, you can play it offline, but some features may require an internet connection, such as accessing certain in-game events or updates.