Sosomod Haunted Dorm 1.7.3 Mod APK For Android

Do you like scary games? Haunted Dorm is one! It’s about running away from ghosts in a dorm. In the regular game, you need money to unlock features, but in Sosomod Hanuted Dorm, you get everything unlocked for free.

Sosomod Haunted Dorm Unlimited Money Gold, Mod Menu
MOD Info Mod Menu, Unlimited money, Gold, Energy, Gems
Update Version v1.7.3 for Android
Requirements Android 5.1+
Category Games, Strategy
Developer Mihuan

How To Download & Install Sosomod Haunted Dorm Latest version For Android

Sosomod Haunted Dorm Mod Menu

Haunted Dorm Mod APK is a horror game where you’re in a dark dormitory, trying to escape from ghosts. You have to protect your room from ghosts using different tools like Spell Catapult and Energy Shield. 

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Recent Updates

The game has received recent updates that make it better. These updates include improved graphics, controls that respond better to your touch, and new levels with more challenges and ghost encounters. When you download the Haunted Dorm Mod Apk, you get access to all these updates without any extra work. Just install the game and have fun!

Haunted Dorm Game Modes

Here are the different games modes of this game. Check out below;

Survival Mode:

You’re in a dorm with ghosts chasing you.

Defense Mode

Instead of running, you’re setting up stuff like traps and turrets to keep the ghosts away. You need to be clever about where you put your defenses and how you use your resources to stop the ghosts from getting to you. 

Challenge Mode:

You’ll have tasks to do that are like puzzles. They’re tricky and need you to think carefully. If you can finish them, you’ll get cool rewards as prizes. 

Sosomod Haunted Dorm Mod Features- Unlimited Money & Gold

Buying Items:

You can buy different things to defend yourself. Some slow down ghosts, while others help you hide. 

Viewing Other Players Activities:

You can spy on other players through cameras in the game. This helps you see who’s in trouble and where the ghosts are.

Unlimited Energy/Resources:

You never run out of coins or energy, so you can keep building defenses.

Mod Menu:

You can customize your game settings with the Mod Menu to your liking.

Unlimited Money/ Currency and No Ads:

 In this mod version, you never run out of money. Plus, there are no ads popping up and bothering you while you play.

No Cooldown

 In this game, you need to fix up the dormitory to use it as a hiding place. Usually, you have to wait for a cooldown period before you can fix it again. But with this feature in the mod menu, there’s no waiting. It’s great for players who want to keep improving their hiding spot quickly and easily.


Sosomod Dorm Mod Apk is the best for ghost story fans. It’s easy to play, with unlimited money, energy and gems. You can solve puzzles and uncover chilling secrets in a dorm setting. Interesting right. Try it now!


Yes, you can download it for free on Android devices. First download the sosomod app then install the game on your device.

Yes, once you’ve installed this game on your device, you can play it offline.

Yes, it is optimized to run smoothly on many different Android devices.

Yes, you can enjoy Haunted Dorm on your Apple device.