Download Sosomod Hello Neighbor Mod Apk V2.3.8 Free For Android

If you like challenging and puzzle games, then here is another game for you. Hello Neighbor Mod Apk is a fun puzzle game where you sneak into your neighbor’s house to discover secrets without getting caught. You have to be clever to find out the hidden secrets while avoiding traps.

For more fun and excitement, you must try it with Sosomod. When you download SOSOMOD Hello Neighbor, you can do things you couldn’t do before, like having unlimited items or unlocking all the levels right from the start. It’s like having cheat codes, but even better because you can do it all from an app store made just for mod games. 

App Sosomod Hello Neighbor
Version v2.3.8
Category Horror, Adventure, Action
MOD Features MOD Menu, No ads, Unlock All Acts, Jumping, Hello Neighbor mod kit, Free Mod
Compatible Android 7.0 and up
Publisher Tinybuild

How To Download & Install Sosomod Hello Neighbor Mods

Sosomod Hello Neighbor Mod Apk Latest Version- Full Game Unlocked (Hide & Seek Game)


In this suspenseful game, you play as someone who thinks their neighbor is hiding something in the basement. You sneak into the neighbor’s house without getting caught to find out what’s going on. But watch out! The neighbor is smart and sets traps to catch you. If you like figuring things out and feeling a bit scared, you might enjoy playing SOSOMOD Hello Neighbor.

Before entering, you can observe your neighbor’s movements and strategize accordingly. If you get caught, don’t worry; you can try different approaches to avoid detection next time.

As you explore the various locations within and around the neighbor’s house, you’ll solve puzzles and uncover mysteries. You can interact with objects like boxes, keys, magnets, and scissors to help you in the game. It features a friendly cartoon design with bright backgrounds, making it approachable for you despite its horror elements. 

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Hello Neighbor Mod Apk Features- All Acts Unlocked


Neighbor’s Clever Thinking:

Your neighbor is really smart. He can figure out what you’re doing and make plans to stop you.

Neighbor Learns Fast:

He’s not just smart, he also learns quickly. If you try something, he’ll remember it and be ready for it next time.

Explore Lots Of Places:

You can go all around, not just in the house. There are puzzles and secrets in lots of places. You can check out other houses, the front yard, and every nook and cranny of the neighbor’s place.

Friendly Looks, Scary Sounds

The game looks friendly and colorful, but the sounds can be scary and spooky. 

Hidden Cameras

He’s got cameras everywhere, so you need to be really quiet and careful. 

Hello Neighbor Cartoon Characters:

Unlike some other scary games, “Hello Neighbor” looks more like a fun cartoon. The house isn’t all dark and gloomy; it’s bright and colorful. Even the characters are kinda cute and funny. But don’t let that fool you!


Sosomod Hello Neighbor Mod Apk is an interesting horror game. Sneak into your neighbor’s house, find secrets, and stay hidden. No ads or extra charges. Get it from the SOSOMOD app as mentioned in the download steps. In short, you should not miss the chance to uncover secrets and enjoy a unique challenge!


It is recommended for older teens and adults who enjoy challenging puzzle-solving and horror-themed games.

Hello Neighbor is on PC, consoles (like PlayStation and Xbox), mobile devices (iOS and Android), and virtual reality platforms (VR). 


It is mainly a solo game where you explore the neighbor’s house alone. However, fans have created extra stuff like new levels that might let you play with friends online.


No, there is no time limit in this game. Players can take their time to explore the house, solve puzzles, and come up with plans to trick the neighbor.