Download Sosomod Kingdom Wars Mod Menu- Unlock All Super Legend

If you’re into playing strategy games, then Kingdom Wars is a must-try. It’s a game designed for those who love building and defending kingdoms. In this game, you have to protect your kingdom from enemy attacks and make it stronger by building and developing it. These attacks can be intense, so you need smart strategies to defend against them. You also have to plan counter-attacks to keep the enemy at bay. Every battle requires you to change tactics and gameplay to outsmart the strong enemy forces.

This game offers exciting adventures in the ancient world, where you’ll learn about lifestyles, journeys, and the challenges of building empires. It’s available for download on SosoMOD, where you can get the MOD APK latest version for free. 

Sosomod Kingdom Wars Unlock super Legend character
App Kingdom Wars
Version v4.0.2
Size 45 MB
MOD Features MOD Menu, Lots of Money, Unlimited Power Stone, Gems, Gold, Diamond, Jewel, All Characters Unlocked, Unlock All Super Legend, Unlimited Castle HP, Food Storage, Upgrade and Buy 200 different characters for free
Compatible Android 5.1+ and up
Rating 4.7
Category Strategy
Publisher Springcomes

How Can I Download And Install Sosomod Kingdom Wars MOD APK?

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What Is Sosomod Kingdom Wars Mod Apk?

In this game, you’re in charge of defending your castle from enemy assaults. Your goal is to use soldiers and special weapons to take down the enemy’s castle before they can destroy yours. Each level starts with your castle and the enemy’s castle, and you need to send out soldiers and use special attacks to win. As you progress, you earn treasure to upgrade your soldiers and weapons. The game has different locations and levels, and you have to constantly learn new tricks to win. 

Here, you’re not just defending your castle; you’re also expanding your kingdom’s influence by conquering different lands like the Nameless Forest, Lost Valley, Land of the Dead and Golden Desert. Each of these locations presents its own challenges and opportunities for strategic game. Using allies effectively can be the key to victory in challenging battles.

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Sosomod Kingdom Wars Mod Apk Features

Here are the detail features of this game:


Characters And Items:

Game Modes:


Character Summon:

Support Items In Battle:

Game Strategy


In Game Purchases

Play Without Interruptions:

No Root Access Required:


In short, SOSOMOD Kingdom Wars is all about defending your base, attacking your enemies with strategy and leading your army to win. You can learn from other players, customize battles without ads un interruption in this MOD version. 


The mod feature of this game provides players with additional advantages such as unlimited money, ad-free gameplay, and ease of installation without requiring root access. These features are not available in the original version of the game.

You can safely download and install this game on your Android device from our website. It’s been tested and doesn’t need root access.

In this action game, you can collect treasure by finishing mission, defeating enemies, and exploring maps. You should also look for hidden chests and join events for more rewards.