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Have you ever played People Playground? If, No then here you will get every detail about this game. It’s like an exciting game in a toy factory. In this game, you’ll face puppet enemies and use different things to beat them, turning them into pieces of wood. From weapons to vehicles and even animals, there’s so much to discover and enjoy in this sandbox adventure. So, let’s talk about more of this game in this guide.

Sosomod people playground 2 apk download
App People Playground APK
Version V1.1
Publisher 海南瑞晨互娱文化有限公司
Compatible 6.0 or higher
Last Updated Aug 04, 2022
Price Free

How To Download Sosomod People Playground?

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What Is People Playground 2 Mod Apk?

People playground Mod APK

It is a adventurous game where you get to play in a sandbox. You control a character who explores a playground filled with puppets. Your goal is to use special powers to turn these puppets into wood. The game is exciting and sometimes a bit scary, with lots of challenges to overcome.

In People Playground 2 Mod Apk, you can create your own characters and collect resources to fight enemies. Here, you’ll enjoy lots of levels with different puzzles to solve and you can design your battles using various weapons and maps.

Additionally, there’s a wide range of mods available for this game which add new items like weapons, vehicles, furniture, and animals to the game.

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Sosomod People Playground Mod APK Features


People Playground 2 Mod Apk is a fun game where you explore, fight enemies, and use various props to defeat them. It offers exciting gameplay without time limits, allowing for endless adventures and challenges.


It is a sandbox game designed for play on Windows PCs.

It can be entertaining for kids, it’s important to note that the game contains violence and potentially disturbing content. Therefore, it may not be suitable for all children.

No, it is not available on mobile iOS devices.

It is a single-player sandbox game exclusively available for PC. It offers players the freedom to explore and experiment with various elements, it’s important to note that it is not categorized as a horror game, despite containing elements that may involve violence or disturbing scenarios.