Download Sosomod Vs V-Appstore APK MOD Latest Version

Ever thought about what makes two popular apps SosoMod Apk and V Appstore Apk Mod different from each other? These two modified versions of app stores offer free unique features and options for downloading thousands of apps and games. SosoMod Apk focuses on providing a wide range of modified apps with additional features of Android games, whereas V-Appstore, an alternative to SosoMod, offers a variety of apps for Vivo smartphones.

Let’s look closely at each one to see which works best for you. 

What Is V Appstore In Vivo?

V Appstore in vivo

V-Appstore is an application developed by Vivo, a prominent smartphone manufacturer. It serves as the official app store for Vivo smartphones and is preinstalled on all devices. This app store offers a wide range of free apps and games for users to download and update on their Vivo smartphones.

Details V-Appstore
Uploaded by VIVO
Requirements Android 6.0 or higher
Category General-Free Tools App
Size 17.9 MB
Content Variety Wide range of apps

Key Features Of V-Appstore:

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Sosomod For Android User

SosoMod is a third-party application offering modified versions (MODs) of popular Android games.

Size 16.6 MB
Required Android 5.0+
Price Free
Operating System Android
Latest Version 8.5

Key Features Of V-Appstore:

Sosomod Vs V Appstore Download For Android APK

Here’s a comparison between SosoMod APK and V-Appstore APK Mod, highlighting both their similarities and differences:

Similarities Between V-Appstore And SosoMod APK

App Stores:

Both V-Appstore and SosoMod APK are platforms for downloading and updating mobile applications and games on devices to get unlimited money, coins, bonuses, lives, and all unlocked features without interruptions from advertisements.

Supported Device:

You can easily access these apps on a variety of devices, including Android smartphones, iOS devices, PCs, and MacBooks.

User Interface/Profile:

They both feature a user-friendly interface where users can search for apps, its premium features, view popular downloads, and explore categories.

Download Management:

Both platforms offer a download manager feature so you can track the progress of your app downloads and manage your installed apps.

Free Of Cost:

They both provide access to a vast collection of free apps and games, including premium features that are normally paid for in other app stores.

Automatic Updates:

Both of these apps offer automatic updates for apps, ensuring you have the latest versions always.


They both categorize apps and games for easy navigation, allowing you to quickly find specific apps or games by typing keywords or names of your interests.

Ratings And Reviews:

Both V-Appstore and SosoMod APK allow users to rate and review apps, providing valuable feedback to other users and developers.

One-Click Downloads:

Users can initiate app downloads with a single click on both V-Appstore and SosoMod APK, streamlining the installation process.

Differences Between SosoMod Apk Vs V Appstore Apk Mod

Sosomod has lots of different apps, from popular ones to less-known ones, covering various needs and interests.

However, Vivo app store is more careful about what apps it offers, making sure they’re safe and trustworthy. It’s like a curated selection of apps that have passed quality checks.

Lets see the differences in detail!

Origin And Manufacturer:

V-Appstore is developed and managed by Vivo, a smartphone manufacturer primarily operating in China, while SosoMod APK is a third-party app store not associated with any specific device manufacturer.


V-Appstore is primarily targeted at Vivo device users, whereas SosoMod APK needs to be manually downloaded from third-party sites and can be installed on any Android device.

Update Mechanism:

Both platforms offer automatic updates, the nature of updates differs. V-Appstore updates official versions of apps and games in line with developers releases, whereas SosoMod APK updates modified versions of games with additional features through its built-in technology.


Vivo app store is in Chinese, targeting Chinese users but you can have content in other 75 languages for users beyond China. However, Sosomod mainly uses Russian for its interface and content but it is suited for English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese as well.


SosoMod APK is considered more secure because it only offers modded apps where as V-Appstore Mod, being unofficial, might pose security risks due to its modded versions.

Comparison Of SosoMod Vs V Appstore

Features SosoMod V Appstore
Availability Manual download needed, works on any Android Comes with Vivo devices, for Vivo app users
Mod Apps Yes No
Ad-Free Yes Yes
Language Russian, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese Primarily in Chinese, with content available in other languages
Ratings & Reviews Yes Yes

In my opinion, Sosomod is like a big store with many options for android games, while V-Appstore is more like a smaller shop on the basis of scope of offerings and user perspective for apps and games.


V-Appstore and SosoMod APK offer Android apps, with SosoMod specializing in game MODs. They share similarities but differ in focus, providing users with choices for app downloads.


If you’re encountering issues installing V-Appstore, please check for any storage limitations or technical issues on your device. Additionally, it may not be available in your region, or there could be compatibility issues specific to your Android device. Therefore, I suggest you to check the minimum requirements first to ensure V-Appstore is compatible with your phone.

I found Sosomod apk is better than V-Appstore because this app have more variety of MOD games and it provides premium apps with unlocked features for free. However, V-Appstore offers thousands of apps and games, prioritizing quality over quantity.


You can try searching online for trusted websites that host older versions of V-Appstore.