Welcome to sosoapkapp.com, where we’re all about apps and games. We take copyright seriously and follow the rules set out in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This policy explains how we deal with copyright infringement claims.

If someone believes their copyright has been violated on our site, they can send us a notice following the DMCA guidelines. We’ll respond quickly to these notices and take appropriate action.

As a user of our site, it’s important to respect copyright. If you believe someone has used your work without permission, you can also send us a DMCA notice, and we’ll look into it.

Our goal is to keep sosoapkapp.com a safe and respectful place for everyone. Let’s all play fair and respect each other’s intellectual property rights!

What to consider before submitting a copyright complaint

Before you report a copyright issue, think about fair use. Fair use allows brief excerpts of copyrighted material for things like criticism or research without permission.

Get Legal Advice if Unsure
If you’re not sure if the material is infringing, talk to a lawyer before reporting it.

Possible Sharing of Complaint
We might share your complaint with others, including the person you’re complaining about or for publication. You can hire someone to report the issue for you if you’re concerned.

Notifications of Infringement

  • What to Do: If you believe someone is using your copyrighted material without permission, you can send us a copyright infringement notification.
  • Requirements: Your complaint must follow the rules of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
  • Tools: You can use a DMCA takedown notice generator to help you create your complaint.
  • Our Response: We’ll check if your complaint is accurate and complete. If it is, we may remove the infringing material and even close the user’s account.
  • Communication: We’ll try to let the user know what’s happening and how they can respond.


  • What to Do: If you receive a copyright complaint about something you posted, you can send us a counter-notification.
  • Requirements: Your counter-notification must follow the rules of the DMCA.
  • Reasons: You might think the complaint was a mistake or that you have permission to use the material.
  • Action: We might not take any action if we receive a counter-notification. If it meets the rules, we might send it to the person who complained.

Policy Changes

  • Updates: This policy might change sometimes, and we’ll update the date at the bottom of the page when it does.
  • Notification: If we change it, we might let you know in other ways too.
  • Consent: If you keep using our site after we update the policy, it means you agree to the changes.

Reporting copyright infringement

If you see something on our site that you think is using your copyrighted material without permission, you can tell us about it. Here’s how:

You can reach out to us using the details below:

[email protected]