Download Sosomod Old Version- Game APK Free For Android

Some of you may enjoy the latest versions of Sosomod, which come with cool and exciting new features. To get the newest update, version 8.5, simply follow the provided link and start the download process.

But what if the latest updates don’t meet your preferences and you prefer older versions? No worries! You can download all ultimate Sosomod Old Versions here, and they’re free.

Download Sosomod Old Version free for Android

How to download Sosomod old version?

To download SoSoMod on your Android device, you’ll need to make a few adjustments to your settings first.

Download SoSoMod APK

How To Use SoSoMod?

Sosomod APK Old Versions

Here is the list of history versions of SosoMod APK that you might like and looking for;

Version 1.4

App SosoMod Apk
Version V1.4
Size 10 MB
Downloads 4M+
Compatible Android 5.0+
Rating 4.0
Price Free

Sosomod APK version 1.4 is a popular choice among gamers, providing access to a diverse selection of games and apps such as stick war legacy, kingdom wars, bus simulator ultimate, Sosomod GTA 5, Minecraft , and Call of Duty, all for free. Its user-friendly interface, absence of ads, and comprehensive category options make it a preferred platform for both modified and official versions of applications. You can easily download your favorite game without spending a penny.

SosoMod Game Apk (V1.2.4) Old version

Category Tool-Application
Version V1.2.4
Size 3.6 MB
Downloads 1M+
Compatible Android 6.0+
Language English with 72 other languages
Price Free

SosoMod (V1.2.4) is a great version, taking up about 3.6 MB of space. It’s best to install it from our website for faster installation on Android 6.0 or newer. This version focuses on fixing bugs to make it work better. Just like before, it lets you download modified versions of apps, and it works on many types of Android devices.

Version 1.2.5 Sosomod Game APK Old Version

App SosoMod
Version V1.2.5
Size 12.9 MB
Downloads 4M+
Compatible Android 4.4+
Rating 4.4
Price Free

SosoMod APK Version 1.2.5 got a makeover with new slideshow and icon designs. Now, finding games is easier with diverse columns and a handy large picture and video mode. Tags on game details help find similar games faster. Released in November 2023, this version fixes bugs, ads, and premium features. It’s easy to use with a simple interface and works on Android 4.4+.

Version 1.3.6

App SosoMod
Version V1.3.6
Size 16.2 MB
Downloads 2M+
Compatible Android 5.0+
Rating 4.2
Price Free

SosoMod APK Version 1.3.6 offers a different apps and games across various categories like social networking, media, entertainment, and tools. Popular apps such as GTA, Instagram, WhatsApp, and games like Clash of Clans and PUBG are available with enhanced features. You can customize apps and games, remove ads, unlock premium features for free, and improve performance. This version is compatible with Android 5.0 and provides all features free of cost, ensuring smooth app usage.

Version 1.2.3

App SosoMod
Version V1.2.3
Size 3.6 MB
Downloads 1M+
Compatible Android 6.0+
Rating 4.1
Price Free

SosoMod APK version 1.2.3 is made for Android 6.0 and newer phones. It’s an older version that lets you play modified games with extra features. This version looks nice and is easy to use. It’s like a store for special versions of games, like Asphalt and Minecraft etc. You can enjoy any game you want without any ad interruptions. It has lots of game mods, a search tool, updated lists, and news about games.

SosoMod 1.1.4

Category Tools
Version V1.1.4
Size 10MB
Downloads 1M+
Compatible Android 5.0+
Rating 4.0
Price Free

You can play games like Naruto vs Reaper mod, Indonesia Bus Simulator mod, Naruto Shippuden mod, and so on. Also you can have simulator games like PS2 and Arcade on this SosoMod 1.1.4. This version works on various devices, and keeps your data safe. Plus, you can play offline. and compatible with Android 5.0+.

Sosomod Old Version Vs SosoMod APK latest version

The newest Sosomod has extra new features that weren’t in the old ones. These include improved security measures, great user interface, additional customization options, or better performance.

Bug Fixes

Updates often address bugs and issues present in earlier versions. The latest version has resolved known issues, leading to a more stable platform.


New versions are better at working with different computers and gadgets.


Improvements in code optimization and resource management may lead to better performance in the latest version. Applications built on newer versions of Sosomod could run faster and more efficiently.


Security updates are important for protecting against risks and threats. The latest version of Sosomod made it more secure to keep your info safe and prevent unauthorized access.

User Experience:

Updates are often easier to use and more enjoyable now. This involves simplifying workflows, adding simple features, or refining existing functionalities based on user feedback.


Older versions of this app are not good at supporting systems. If you get the newest version, they’ll keep helping you out if you need it.

Pros & Cons Of SosoMod Old Versions

Benefits for Users Drawbacks For Users
User-customizable interface Limited features compared to newer versions
Stable performance Possible security risk
Compatibility with some systems Lack of updates and support
Basic functionality Potential bugs and glitches
Adequate for basic tasks Less optimized for modern devices
Premium features available at no cost No guarantee of ongoing support
Suitable for users preferring older versions

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, downloading Sosomod Old Version requires consideration of its availability, compatibility, security risks, and features. However, it’s worth mentioning that newer releases tend to offer better compatibility and security compared to older ones.