SosoMod Melon Playground Mod APK Download Latest Version

Looking to make your Melon Playground APK game more fun? Try SosoMod Melon Playground Mods v2.2! It’s a tool that lets you customize the game with cool mods like new weapons, animals, characters, and more. Plus, it’s free to download! So why wait? Get the SosoMod app now and start playing your way!
SosoMod Melon Playground For Android, PC & iOS
App Soso Mod Melon Playground
Version 2.2
Size 13.1 MB
MOD Features No Ads, unlimited coins, weapons, animal mods, car, lives & character mods.
Compatible Android 5.0+ and up
Rating 4.3
Price Free
Developer Susis Dev
Category APPS - Simulation
Last Updated Mar 19, 2024

What Is Sosomod Melon Playground Mods APK?

It is an application created by Susis Dev for thousands of gamers who enjoy playing Melon Playground. With over 800 mods provided to the gamers so that they can access features like bonuses, coins, lives, ad-free gameplay, and additional characters for free.

These mods include various additions such as new weapons, animals, cars, furniture, buildings, and more.

SosoMod is popular for its user-friendly interface, appealing to both experienced and new gamers alike. With thousands of downloads worldwide, it’s a favorite among gamers everywhere. In this app, regular updates are provided to fix any bugs and ensure smooth functionality. You can also get new melon mods with each update.

How To Download And Install SosoMod Melon Playground Mod Apk For Android?

Sosomod melon playground multiplayer

SosoMod Melon Playground Mods- Other Versions

Melon Man Mod Version Date Size
SosoMod Melon Playground Mods 1.3.6 (136) 2023-11-27 16.25 MB
SosoMod Melon Playground v1.2.5 (125) 2023-11-29 12.86 MB

Sosomod Melon Playground 2

You can also play SOSOMOD Melon Playground 2 Mod Apk, which is like a big box of toys for your computer game. In this game, called Melon Playground, you get to play in a virtual sandbox.

With SOSOMOD, you get even more toys to play with. You can add all sorts of cool stuff to your game, like new weapons, animals, cars, furniture, and more. 

You can create all kinds of fun scenes, like battles with tanks, car crashes, or even dinosaurs roaming around! You just tap a button to download the Sosomod app first then find and install this game. But remember, these mods are made by fans, not the official game creators.

Best Tips To Play SosoMod Melon Playground Mods For Android And Mac


Yes, you can use it at no cost on smartphones, PCs, and both Android and iOS devices. You can easily find this app in the Chrome Web Store.

If it isn’t working after applying mods and opening the game, try restarting the game. Sometimes, mods require a game restart to take effect. If the issue persists, ensure compatibility, update software, clear cache, reinstall the mod, and check for updates. 

It seems like there’s a problem with this game disappearing from app stores like the App Store and Google Play. Some people are saying they can’t find the latest update, version 22.0, on the Play Store, but it’s still available on iPhones. This issue isn’t new; about a year ago, it was removed from the Play Store because of some copyright problem.

Sometimes, when you add too many mods to Sosomod Melon Playground, it might crash. To fix this, you need to remove all the mods and then try running the game again.