Sosomod My Singing Monsters MOD APK v4.3.2 (Unlimited Money)

Ever wanted to play a game where monsters don’t battle, but instead, they sing? Here is a unique game where you nurture musical monsters on islands. You can breed different monsters to create your own orchestra of catchy tunes. Sosomod my singing monsters gives you unlimited gems, coins, and unlocks everything, so you can enjoy this game without interruptions. If you love music and cute monsters, this game is for you! 

my singing monsters sosomod apk-unlimited money
App Name My Singing Monsters
Latest Version 4.3.2
Publisher Big Blue Bubble Inc
Genre Casual
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Gems, diamonds, coins, unlimited everything, Mod Menu, No ads

How To Download & Install My Singing Monsters Sosomod- Latest Version

What is Sosomod My Singing Monsters Mod Apk For Android?

It is an interesting musical game where you look after various musical monsters. Each monster sings or makes sounds, and together they create beautiful music. The game has different islands with rocks, trees, flowers, and decorations.

My Singing Monsters Sosomod is a special version of the game. It gives you extra features and makes the game more exciting. Here’s what you get:

These mods change the game to give players benefits like unlimited diamonds, unlimited money, faster breeding times for monsters, no ads, and unlock everything. With unlimited diamonds, you can customize your islands. Also you can use friends codes to compete with friends and level up faster. You can play this game on PC with an emulator and iOS as well.

Soso mod My Singing Monster Latest Features- Mod Menu

My Singing Monsters for Android-updated MOD menu

My Singing Monsters Creatures & Classes

You can have a diverse collection of creatures with distinct sounds and abilities. Examples include Mammott, Fwog,Toe Jammer, Cybop and Noggin.

Monsters are grouped into classes like Natural, Fire, Magical, Epic Monsters and more. There are over 150 monsters to discover!

9,999,999 Monsters Collection- 100’s of Monsters

You start with one monster and take care of it. Feed it, and it will sing. After that, collect more monsters to create a musical island. You start by buying monsters from the marketplace using coins. 

Each monster makes a different sound, creating fun and unique music when they sing together.

You can also try similar game like Sosomod Crawl Brawl.

Breeding Monsters:

You can combine different monsters to create new hybrid monsters. Each monster has specific breeding requirements. Each new monster has a unique sound, adding to your island’s music. Interesting, right!

Graphics and Sound

You can have cute monster animations with beautiful colorful graphics. The sound design is fantastic, with monsters singing various melodies. It’s a treat for both your eyes and ears!


You can create different things like monsters, islands, food, music, structures, decorations, and costumes. 

You can decorate your islands with decorations like bushes, trees, and flowers to make it look beautiful.

As you play, you can unlock new islands. Each island has a different environment, like a green forest or a snowy land. Every island has new monsters to collect and new music to create.


You can compete with friends and other players to achieve a high rank. The leaderboard shows player rankings, and top players get rewards.

Daily Login Rewards

You can log in every day to earn rewards. These can include items, food, decorations, and in-game currency.


There are several mini-games within the app that test your memory and skills. Completing these games can earn you coins.

Customizable Exciting Islands

You can decorate your islands with various items like bushes, trees, and flowers to make them beautiful and personalized. Show off your island by inviting friends and lighting up wishing torches. You can customize this list of islands. Check out my Singing Monsters Island Tier List;

Decoration Items and Structures

You can use items like Fire Bush, Meldablend, and Stritch Skin to decorate your islands. These items can be plant-based, musical, architectural, or artifacts.

The game includes structures like breeding centers, bakeries, markets, nurseries, and storage facilities. These help you breed, hatch, and raise monsters, produce food, and store coins.

Friend Codes

You can play with friends and family by using friend codes to view each other’s islands and achievements. You can share 12-character friend codes.

Catchy Tunes

Each monster has a unique sound, from drums to vocals. You can mix and match these sounds to create catchy and enjoyable tunes.

Unlimited Resources (Diamonds, Money, Gems):

In Sosomod MSM, you get unlimited diamonds, money, and gems. These resources help you customize your islands, unlock monsters instantly, and buy items without waiting.

All Monsters Unlocked:

Normally, you need to unlock monsters gradually in the game. With the mod, all monsters are already unlocked from the start. This allows you to enjoy all their musical abilities right away.

Sosomod My Singing Monsters Mod in Among Us

Sosomod My Singing Monsters Mod in Among Us

It is a playful mashup where players use elements from My Singing Monsters, a game about collecting and caring for musical monsters, in the Sosomod Among Us mod apk universe. 

In this setup, players take on roles similar to Among Us, like being an Imposter. Instead of tasks and imposters as usual, players collect various monsters to win, aiming especially for the legendary ones. They can use special abilities of these monsters to influence the game, like freezing or bubbling other player’s monsters.

Why Play My Singing Monsters Soso mod?

New Update in MSM 2024


Sosomod My Singing Monsters MOD APK offers players unlimited resources like money, diamonds, and gems. It removes ads, provides access to a private server, and includes a mod menu for added convenience. Players can enjoy creating music, customizing islands, unlocking monsters and structures, and playing mini-games to earn rewards. Hence, it’s a fun way to explore a world where monsters sing and create unique melodies with various instruments.


If your monster stops singing or moves to the wrong island, try closing and reopening the app. This usually fixes the issue.

No, you need an internet connection to play this game on your phone or computer.

You can get keys by:

  • Making friends online or in real life.
  • Logging in daily, especially after reaching level 10.
  • Spinning the wheel daily in the game.
  • Completing tasks in mini-games.

Yes! It’s a fun game for everyone, from kids to older people. You can do lots of things like spinning a wheel, playing matching games, and making your own songs with monsters.

You can get free diamonds by:

  • Sharing and using referral codes.
  • Sending monsters to outer islands and Windermere.
  • Completing Skyship orders.
  • Getting six diamonds every day.
  • Wublins also make diamonds on Wublin islands.

Yes, it offers various ways to play: you can join Party Tournaments, tackle the Single Player Gauntlet, or simply enjoy Freeplay mode.

You can play this game for free on

To make a monster 100% happy in My Singing Monsters, you need to place four different items or decorations that it likes around it. Each monster has specific preferences listed under the Likes tab in its Info menu. When a monster is happier, it produces currency faster in the game.

When a monster reaches 100% happiness in MSM, it earns double the usual gold per minute. At 50% happiness, it earns 1.5 times the normal amount. However, its maximum gold storage capacity is not affected by happiness.