Download SOSOMOD Stick War Legacy For Android With 999 Army

Stick War Legacy is an awesome fighting game that lots of people love around the world. It’s all about leading your stickman army to victory.

If you really love Stick War Legacy MOD Menu and want to play it with unlimited money, weapons, coins and no annoying ads, then SOSOMOD is what you need to go. It’s like a special store for getting modified versions of games. You can download Sosomod app store from our website to enjoy the latest version for free.

sosomod stick war legacy mod vip skin
App Stick war legacy
Version 2023.5.255
Size 113 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Gold, Gem, Coins, 999 Army
Compatible Android 5.0+ and up
Rating 4.7
Price Free
Developer Max Games Studios
Category Strategy

What Is Stick War Legacy APK For Android?


Stick War is a highly-rated web game which you can play on mobile devices. In this game, you can control an army of stick figures, leading them in battle against opponents (as final boss) .

You can organize your army in different arrangements or guide each soldier separately, so you have full control over what happens during battles. Also, you can select different game modes with your friends online.

Your goal is to build up your army, gather resources like gold, and master various weapons and abilities, such as swords, spears, archery, magic, and even giants. The big aim is to break the enemy’s statue and take over all the areas.

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How To Download SosoMod Stick War Legacy Mod Menu?

Download SosoMod Stick War Legacy Mod Menu

Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide on it with all these awesome features from the SOSOMOD app. 

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Stickwar Legacy Online Mod Features

Game Modes:


You can have various games modes such as Endless Dead, Classic Campaign, Mission Weekly Levels and Tournament Mode.

Mission Mode:

It is where players encounter new levels and challenges every Friday. Each mission presents a unique challenge, suggesting players to put new strategies to overcome it.

The Classic Campaign:

It is the main story mode in Stick War Legacy 3. In this mode, players aim to dominate other countries using modern technologies.

Endless Deads:

It is a survival mode where players and their army face endless waves of enemies, known as Deads, with varying abilities, while defending their statue from destruction. In this mode, you face waves of zombies and see how long you can survive to test your strategic skills.

Tournament Mode:

Battle against AI opponents in a series of challenges to win the prestigious “Crown of Inamorta.” 

Why SOSOMOD Stick War Legacy APK Is Very Popular?

Gamers are really excited about new features added in this game. It is very famous game because of many reasons. Few are highlighted below;

My Thoughts

Sosomod Stick War Legacy is a popular game. It’s all about stick-figure armies battling it out in fights. You train your troops, collect resources, and take on other armies. What’s great is that there are different modes to play, like Campaign Mode and Endless Survival Mode. Plus, you can customize your army with different skins.

I downloaded it from SOSOMOD, and I have to say, it’s been an amazing option to get all the premium features for free, like unlimited money, chest and unlocked characters. If you’re into war games, this one’s a must-try. 


SOSOMOD Stick War Legacy Mod APK is the perfect choice for fans who want extra features and exciting game. With this modified version, you can enjoy endless money, no ads, and lots of fun. Overall, you can train your stick man army, compete with others, and save your nation. 



In Stick War: Legacy, you can get gold by having miners mine it from gold deposits and depositing it behind your statue. Additionally, some modified versions of the game offer unlimited gold, such as the one available on


It is a popular mobile game that can be played offline. However, it may require an initial online connection for some features and updates.


Yes! you can safely download it from our website. It’s a trusted platform for accessing the mod APK version of this game.


Yes, you can play it on your PC! Just download the game and use emulators like Bluestacks or Noxplayer. These emulators will help you to play Android games on your computer.